1) Alan does not have listing targets to meet. 
Most agencies require their agents to achieve a set number of property listings per month. This means that agents might try to list your property whether they believe they can sell it or not.  They are also less likely to be up-front with you about a realistic sale price for your property if they think it might stop you listing with them.

The Alan Moane Real Estate agency model is about quality of listings not quantity.  Alan only list properties that he knows he can sell, at a price that he knows he can sell them for. 
He will always be up front with you about your sale price expectations.  It is in his best interest and yours to get the price right, from day one. 

2) Alan does not enter into advertising arrangements that require a monthly quota to be met.
Most agencies require their agents to sell a certain amount of advertising per month.
Newspapers and other publications offer agencies discounted rates for bulk buying of advertising.  This locks agencies into a minimum number of ads per month, so they have to sell the ads to fill their quota.
Plus every ad they sell to a client is free advertising for their agency, because it has their logo on it.
This is why agencies have advertising sales targets for their agents.  Unfortunately, this may mean that you are encouraged to buy an ad that you don’t strictly need.

Advertising is a really important part of selling property.  You need to get your property in front of potential buyers.  But, every conversation that Alan has with you about your advertising needs will be free from any other influence than what is in the best interest of selling your property within your budget. 

3) Alan does not promote competition between salespeople. 
Most agencies create an environment of competition between their salespeople.
This means that agencies can sometimes become a bit cut throat.  You’d expect large agencies to be pooling their experience to sell your home, but this is rarely the case. 
Alan Moane Real Estate fosters an environment of collaboration between salespeople.  When you hire Alan to help sell your home, he can also help you negotiate the contract for the property you are buying free of charge.  By encouraging transparent conversations about buying objectives, Alan gets the best results.

4) Alan works for you – not an agency. 
Most Agencies: Pay their agents a retainer and require them to pay it off from their commissions.
When you hire Alan to sell your home, he works for you.  He doesn’t have a retainer to repay, targets to meet or quotas to fill.  He is answerable only to you as the client.

5) Alan is interested in long term relationships.

The turnover of salespeople in real estate is very high.  In twelve months time a large portion of the salespeople currently operating will have moved on to another career or another office. Many salespeople get into real estate for a short period of time for their own financial goals.  They are not concerned about your repeat business.

Alan has been in real estate for more than 20 years and he intends to be in real estate for the next 20 years.  People tend to buy and sell in a 7-year cycle.  He wants you to select him as your agent next time.  In fact, many of his current clients are returning clients who valued their first experience with Alan many years ago.