1.    Should I put my property on the market for more than I think it is worth to see if I can sell it for that, and then reduce it later if it doesn’t sell?

No.  You should always put your property on the market for a realistic price right from day one.  If your property stays on the market for too long, people start to think there might be something wrong with it. 

Buyers also think the longer a property has been on the market, the more incentive the seller will have to take a lower offer. 

Plus, the longer it has been on the market, the less likely there is to be competition.  New properties foster a sense of urgency and competition that can encourage the right buyer to put in their best offer.  The longer your property has been on the market the more likely you are to end up taking a lower offer.  Plus you’ll spend more on advertising in the process.  

2.    How is the market?

The market is never bad.  It is always good for someone.  It depends on whether you are a buyer, a seller or an investor, and what your objectives are.