Your property will be advertised through,, and anywhere else that you have selected in your marketing plan.

Open homes and inspections
Alan will need to show the property to potential buyers. An ‘Open Home’ will be organized to bring potential buyers through the property. Buyers may also want to come through individually.

When a potential buyer wants to make you an offer, Alan will work with the buyer to negotiate the terms of that offer and then present it to you in writing. Ideally, you will have more than one offer to choose from, and offers can vary greatly. 

Once you have decided to accept an offer, you sign a contract. At this stage, your property is ‘under contract’, but not officially sold until the transaction legally settles. Legal settlement is when the money changes hands and the title is transferred to the new owner.

We will continue to advertise your property as ‘under offer’ until all contract conditions have been met (the contract become unconditional). The time between signing the contract and settlement varies depending on what you have negotiated with the buyer.

Once the contract become unconditional, the property is sold!